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We offer a full range of services in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning.

Based in the heart of London, Ventopure Ltd specialises in mechanical engineering systems. Our core activity is the design, supply, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems. We undertake all kinds of air-conditioning, ventilation and related works.

We install air-conditioning systems and equipment of all capacities for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

All new air conditioning installations come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty, subject to satisfactory routine maintenance, as specified by the manufacturers.

Our personalised services ensure that your equipment is smoothly installed and maintained.

We know from our returning customers that Ventopure Ltd, offer state-of-the-art equipment and cost effective services.

Our core competence extends across all HVAC services you may require. We supply and install equipment and ensure maintenance of the same with dedication and a sense of ownership over our manufacturer's machines and their performance.


Air Conditioning calls for highly specialised design skills.

The units we choose on your behalf must provide optimum performance within your specified budget.

From the initial enquiry we establish a clear understanding of exactly what you want from your air conditioning system, and building in which it is to operate.

Our engineers are highly experienced in all areas of mechanical services and will ensure that all systems meet the customers' requirements.

Each client will receive a free, personalised consultation and quotation.


By working with the very best equipment produced by brand leading suppliers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial, we can ensure that every system we supply and install will be fit for purpose and fully guaranteed.

Ventopure Ltd can offer a wide range of services providing a complete solution for any environmental need no matter how large or small.

Types of Air Conditioning systems available:

  • VRV / VRF systems (Multiple cooling/heating)
    Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are the most modern and sophisticated development of the "split" systems. Up to fifty indoor units can be connected to a single large outdoor condenser. The outdoor condenser is constructed to respond proportionately to the number of indoor units operating, each being controlled for heat or cool. This is the ultimate in flexibility. Individual indoor unit temperature can be changed independently, allowing personal choice as indoor and outdoor conditions change. The VRF system offers a year round solution to indoor climate control with unrivalled flexibility and energy efficiency.
  • Single Split Systems
    The most familiar form of installed commercial air conditioning, "split" systems are so called because they comprise an indoor unit (mounted on a wall, ceiling or floor) which recirculates the air in the room, cooling it and heating it to your requirements. The indoor unit is linked to an outdoor unit (condenser), by a pair of small diameter copper pipes contained in an insulating jacket. The heat removed from the room is dissipated to the atmosphere by the outdoor condenser. When heat is required, the system will run in reverse, taking heat from the outdoor condenser and transferring it to the indoor unit.
  • Multi Split Systems
    Operating in the same way as the "split" system, the "multi-split" system enables a number of indoor units to be individually controlled from a single outdoor condenser. This system offers an ideal way to treat a number of areas whilst minimising the space required for outdoor units
  • Air Source Heat Pump Boiler
  • Wall mounted systems
  • Ceiling mounted systems
  • Ceiling concealed ducted systems
  • Floor mounted, air curtain systems
  • Climate Control Systems
    for areas such as server rooms and laboratories which require specific control of temperature and humidity with low starting and running currents controlled by your IT network.
  • Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems
    which works by redirecting heat or cool from areas where it is not wanted and putting it where it is wanted; a common need in many buildings.


Residential Installations - Home Air Conditioning

The air conditioning units we recommend and install for residential use have a number of particular characteristics.
Residential air conditioning units are specifically chosen because they are; efficient, quiet, reliable, user-friendly and cost effective.

Our design team will provide you with the best air conditioning system to blend in with the particular style and layout of the client's home.
The priority during installation is to ensure the system is sympathetic to the surrounding environment and that the minimum disturbance is caused.

Commercial Installations - Office Air Conditioning

Whether installing into an existing property or as part of a new build or refurbishment, our team of experts will ensure that the best air conditioning solution is provided with the least amount of fuss, giving you peace of mind from conception to completion.

Whilst health and safety remains a primary concern, so does keeping you informed of the latest air-conditioning technology which can award you generous tax incentives from the government ECA scheme.

Industrial Installations - Factories & Warehouse Air Conditioning

More and more business owners are discovering the impressive financial benefits of a comfortable, air conditioned environment.

Within the Industrial environment, effective control of temperature and humidity levels is vital to ensure that goods are stored in the correct environment.

Whatever you want - whether it is a small domestic unit or a complex multi-split system - you will be confident that our highly specialised team will supply you with an air conditioning system to fulfil your needs and budget.
We place great emphasis on creating and maintaining a close business relationship, from the initial consultation, through to the installation and servicing.
Our experienced and friendly staff are always on hand to give advice.
Quite simply, Ventopure Ltd prides itself in providing quality products at a competitive price, backed by the highest possible levels of service.
We appreciate that every one of our customers will have individual needs and we will work hard to meet your specific requirements.

Each project is looked at individually to provide the most cost effective, energy efficient solution to benefit the end user whilst also complying with the latest regulations and legislation.

The focus on renewable energy and sustainability has transformed the face of our industry and at Ventopure Ltd we endeavour to offer the latest systems and technology to keep up with client expectation whilst also providing them with peace of mind.

Service & Maintenance

No matter how sophisticated your business infrastructure, you need expert maintenance services to ensure your business operates efficiently.

Our service division can offer routine maintenance on your HVAC systems, thus protecting your investment and increasing the life of the equipment.

Planned preventive maintenance regimes deliver the optimum working environment, whilst also reducing costs and complying with statutory regulations and compliance.

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